15 Principles of a Real And Beautiful Woman.

1 This woman knows how to accept compliments.
"Well look? - Does not detract from the merits of my Favorited, I look just awesome! "

2 This woman is not interested in other people's opinion about her appearance.
Beautiful woman, changing hair color, does not stick to the outside with a question: "How is it?" She says, "Come on! Look how cool happened! "And who on earth would dare to challenge it?

3 This woman knows how to smile.
It makes it so that everyone thinks that it is his smile. Gloomy and annoyed, it never happens. Conceived, sad - yes. But not gloomy!

4 This woman never save myself.
She can spend money on a taxi. On the entire salary to buy boots. Try the new procedure, which costs a couple of lunches at the restaurant. It's proof of the love of self. And those who love themselves, certainly will love and others.

5 This woman knows how to adequately respond to any comments about her appearance.

6 This woman is not afraid to be funny.
If a woman is confident in its irresistible, that no situation, exhibit it in a negative light, it is not terrible ....

7 This woman never no regrets.
She will try to take advantage of any trouble. This woman is easily parted with unnecessary things and unnecessary memories.

8 This woman never envies no one.
After envy proves fear of competition. A real woman is absolutely sure: it apart from the competition!

9 This woman is not approved by others.
It simply does not need additional funds in order to attract attention to his person.

10 A real woman in all situations behaves naturally.
Why portray someone, if it so - perfect !!!

11 This woman did not go into detail.
Her colleagues do not know how much time she spends in beauty salons and friends have no idea about the rented dress. She would never tell strangers that contact lens wearers. "Beautiful legs? - Yes, this is my inheritance! - Teeth? - My dentist too surprised! "

12 This woman does not tell about the victims, which from time to time she has to go.
Proctorial to night work? No one can hear complaints !!!

13 This woman is not bustling.
She carries herself with dignity in life, no matter where: in a fine dining restaurant or in a crowded supermarket at lunchtime.

14 This woman cherishes every cavalier.
The easiest recipe to generate interest in men prompted Fitzgerald in the story "Coma": that you wound around a crowd of fans, and the world thought you were a real beauty, answer attention to flirt even if totally unnecessary and unsympathetic you type. Desired and cute will inquire: "What kind of person around which so bustling man?" And so to know that you care about these men, it is not necessary.

15 This woman is not looking all over the trick and secret meaning.
She just enjoys life and its uniqueness)).