This Is Happiness When You Need Someone.

The older and wiser we become over the years , the more we want to kind and loving eye on the contrary, native hands of the husband or wife on the shoulder , even on the bus, just so ... unexpected ... and tenderly delicious dinner at home , and the smell of his home , where smells of sandalwood , freshly baked bread and green tea ... Where cat Levushka in time to meet his " Meow ... " , looking at a package of food , where you can lie under a blanket in the late evening and watch the movie "Autumn in New York " where you always find kindness and love ...
This is happiness, when you need someone ... )
I am looking for a man that I can and I want to call my husband!
Alcoholics and perverts, drug addicts, convicts, nerds and overnight please do not write. Do not answer.